Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Friday Night Chicas - Pt. 4

The more things changed by Sofia Quintero

Gladys’ friends throw her a bachelorette party at one of NYC’s raunchiest male strip joints. They expected a party, but they didn’t expect the not-so-blushing bride to disappear with one of the strippers!

Reviewed by: Minnie G.

Review: This story begins with Ricky’s POV, but the story is not centered on her; it’s supposed to be on Gladys (at least, that’s what I deduced from the plot summary above.) No, the whole thing is told by Ricky, who is married. Shouldn’t she have been single at least? I mean, that’s what I gathered from the main title of the book: Friday Night Chicas. I assumed every girl in the story was going to be single. Well, certainly for the main character at least.

When Ricky is reunited with her college friends, they play catch-up with the “are you married?” and “do you have any kids?” kind of thing—boring! The only thing that woke me up was Lisa’s secret affair….with a girl! The stripper scenes were kind of gross. My god, those women were practically having sex with these guys right on the stage!

It really only tells more about the past and their friendship, not what’s going on in the present.

I guess it sort’ve made sense that Gladys was not the main character, because you develop an instant dislike to her; and, by the end, you hate her guts. What a horny slut! She should’ve told her fiancé what happened that night.

Really, all this night did was raise some old resentment that divided the foursome. Yet, it also renewed the bond between the dynamic duo—Ricky and Lisa.

Ultimately, I feel that this story just did not belong in a book filled with stories of love burgeoning from a wild Friday night. Not that it was a bad story. It actually was a critical study of how women forge lasting friendships, even if it doesn’t really last forever.

Friday Night Chicas is a good book to curl up with on a cold night when guys aren’t knocking down your door for a date and all you have left are a pair of PJ’s and a warm bottle of tequila.

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