Sunday, November 6, 2011

Friday Night Chicas - Pt. 3

Revenge of the Fashion Goddess by Berta Platas

The once-shy Cali has decided to attend her high school reunion. She slips into her slinkiest Donna Karan and puts on her highest Manolos. After all, she’s out to seek revenge, Latina style….

Reviewed by: Sandra L.

Review: Okay, first of all, the character’s name was Cali, short for California. Wow, what an interesting name! It’s unique and can be shortened to a cute title. I would almost consider naming my daughter that. I liked how it starts off with Cali wanting to show all the people she went to school with that she wasn’t the same geek anymore. A slap in the face can be so sweet. The former geek’s desire reminded me of Carrie, one of my favorite movies of all time. I secretly wanted Cali to waste them all!

Eventually, Cali meets up with Rick—you know, that guy who was like your best friend but whom you secretly had a crush on. Rick was a hottie! But then Cali finds something out about Rick while hiding in the bathroom stall. It surprised me too!

This story had a bunch of flawed reality, full of repressed fear and personal growth, which made for a true-to-life page-turner. I was glad that this wasn’t about a dog that’s been in heat all these years and is now finally letting go of her inhibitions. No, there was a real lesson to be learned for the main character. After all these years, Cali still needed to “grow” out of her teenage self.

This was the best story of all!

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