Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Friday Night Chicas - Pt. 2

Hearts are Wild by Caridad Piñeiro

It’s Tori’s thirtieth birthday and all she wants is a nice, quiet night with her family and friends. However, Tori’s friends have other plans, and, during an overnight casino cruise, Tori finds herself taking the gamble of her life.

Reviewed by: Celia F.

Review: I liked Tori. I could relate to her in almost every way—from her putting work first above all else, including love, to having friends practically shove a man-whore in your face. Even your own mother!

At first, “Mr. Papi Chulo” (the guy she meets while gambling) seemed like a player (what else would you find in a casino, right?) but then he revealed a shy, clumsy side, which made him a whole lot sexier than showing off all that bravado. I enjoyed how the author turned the tables in the story by having Tori think like a guy with all her rules: no names, no expectations, no disappointments. But then the guy surprised her by thinking like a chick—he wanted to know her name.

I found the ending to be too coincidental, even for a romance story. It definitely could’ve used some more editing. Some phrases just didn’t make sense. I think the author needed to merge her sentences for a better flow.

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