Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Review: THE TOWN I LIVE IN by Tita Rodriguez Parra

Reviewed by: Maya
Rating: 3 stars

Review: This book relays the tales of the author’s childhood memories. Parra takes the reader through the ups and downs of growing up with her family and friends in a 1950’s barrio neighborhood.

In "Monster," Tita finally realized her limits when her little brother becomes too strong for her to pin down. Tita learns what love isn't in "Love on a Two-Way Street." I laughed when Tita's brothers beat up her mom's boyfriend in "Living on the North Side."

Of course, the greatest impact came from "Intuition." Dripping with raw, honest audacity, "Intuition" presents the importance of listening to your conscience as Parra recalls the night she was kidnapped and raped.

This autobiography is poetic, lovely, and heartfelt. Tita's story is a tale of strength, courage, and the importance of adhering to yourself. And although there were some mild redundancies and weak flaws in the writing, the book still sends a powerful message of survival.