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Spotlight: Antonio Rodríguez Hernández



Antonio Rodríguez Hernández was born in Totana, Murcia in 1945 in the midst of the post-civil war era. Working for the Telefónica, he spent most of his life involved in the technical world where literature and poetry were things very far removed from his day to day life.

  Due to a private family happening in 1990, he started to embrace the poetry; writing small snippets, which he kept hidden in a drawer until, in 1995, he made the bold decision to select some of them and form his first book of poems called ‘Jugando a Poetas’.

  From that moment on he dedicated his life to writing. Antonio was entered into some literary competitions, such as the ‘Gregorio Parra’ and ‘Villa de Aledo’ and he has won several, such as ¨La Cárcel¨ in Totana (Murcia) in 1999 and 2000, also AAC de Alguazas (Murcia) in 2001.


So far, Antonio Rodríguez Hernández has published 22 poetry books including:


Con nocturnidad y alebosía (2001)

101 Haiku (2001)

al fin y al cabo (2002)

A propósito de lo nuestro (2003)

Poemas para un tiempo final (2004)


7 novels including:


La alargada sombra del Rey de Bastos (2003)

En el nombre de Roma (2013)

El monje de Gorma (2015)

and Cerro Verde (2010), which has been translated into English and called ‘Silver Bullets’(2015).


A Novel by Antonio Rodríguez Hernández 

The end of the Civil War did not mean the beginning of peace for most of the Spanish people because it was not part of the victors plans to heal all wounds. 
From 1939 the ill-fated word was ‘Purging’.
Every Spaniard, whether victorious or defeated, was obligated to state that their past did not influence their willingness to live in the 'New Spain’.
The Fascists were the conquerors and the Communists were outcast as ‘bad seeds’ with no opportunities in normal society.
In the region of Axarquía Malagueña a group of Spanish Maquis tried to survive, maintaining their Republican ideals against intense pressures from the Franco regime.
This is a story of two friends forced to fight on opposite sides under the irrationality of their circumstances, knowing that in war, there are no winners!

"Silver Bullets is a historical novel about one of the cruelest periods in the history of Spain: The bloody aftermath of the Civil War (1936-1939).

The history of the author´s father is prodigiously documented, perfectly recounted and accompanied by photographs to further enhance the experience.

A collective tragedy narrated with passion"

Juan Ruiz García  ~  Caja de Semillas

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