Thursday, June 25, 2015

Q&A with Oscar Luis Rigiroli

Oscar Luis Rigiroli was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Professionally a chemical engineer, he worked in the industry until 2005. During this period he wrote articles about economics in several Argentine newspapers. He started his career as a writer rather recently, writes in Spanish and translates his own books into English. His areas of interest are narrative and economics. So far he has published seven books in either language, six novels and an essay on economics. His books are available in paperback editions as well as e-books.

1.       What inspired you to write Golden Legend: Lost City in the Andes?

A: The quest for lost civilizations is a romantic inclination of the human soul of all times. In our Latin America we are rich in legends and myths referring to them. El Gran Paititi is one of the most widely diffused myhts. Most of the data about its origin and alleged location are real in the sense that myths can be real .


2.       What elements did you explore in this book?

A: In the first place love, since there is a romance intertwined in the story. Then the organization of an archeological expedition with academic goals. In third place the existence of international raiders of cultural assets. Finally, a millenary group of Inca descendents whose utopia is to restore the Tawantisuyu or Inca Empire. All these elements interact in the story.


3.       What was the hardest part about writing this book?

A: as always is, the previous collection of data to make solid foundations for the plot.


4.       What do you hope readers will gain from your book?

A: Hopefully to realize that our Latin American History as a rich source of inspiration for telling contemporary  stories with universal interest.  Then of course, amusement.



5.       What inspired you to be a writer?

Although I am professionally an Engineer, I always had an inclination to tell stories. I love books, both reading and writing them.


6.       What do you like best and what do you like least about being a writer?

A: My deep motivation to write is to express myself, as others paint, work with wood or dance. I am myself when I am writing. What I like least I finding publishers.


7.       Who are some of your favorite authors?

A.      As I read many genres, the list is diverse: Jorge Luis Borges, Ernesto Sabato, Umberto Eco, Morris West, Graham Greene, Victor Hugo, Jack London, Mario Vargas Llosa.


8.       Are you working on anything right now?

    A: Yes. I am translating from Spanish into English my novel “Enigma under the Frost” ( my first novel), then I will translate “Ordo Australis”, that is really the second part of “Golden Legend”. And I will start a novel that I will name “Ten Wings- I Ching and crime”.


9.   If your book was made into a movie, who do you see playing the role of the main character? (You can pick any actor, living or dead)

A: The main character is a lady, a Mexican archeologist. I would imagine a younger Salma Hayek playing her role ( I even mention Salma  in the book as having the perfect physique du role)


11.   And, finally, what do you think is in store for the future of Latino literature?

A: as said before Latino literature excels in local themes involving social or political issues, love affairs etc. My intention is to help adding a wider perspective that could attract people of other backgrounds.

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