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Q&A with Author Elizabeth Reyes

Elizabeth Reyes was born and raised and continues to live in sunny southern California. She's married and has two wonderful teens. Her love for writing began when she was just a kid though, she never really had any dreams or aspirations of doing it for a living. Then along came the age of eReaders and she saw an opportunity to get her writing out for the world to read without jumping through hoops and getting past the red tape of trying to get traditionally published. The Moreno Brothers series has literally changed her life. She now wakes up to go to work a few yards from her bed. 5th Street is her second series with 4 out--Noah, Gio, Hector and Abel out already and on more to come. There is also the Moreno Brothers spinoff series. Recently, she just put out her first traditionally published book, Desert Heat. For more information, log onto

Welcome, Elizabeth!

1. You have written several books—many are part of a series (The Moreno Brothers, Fate, 5th Street). How do you plan out the books for a series?
I don't. The stories just suddenly come to me. Like Fate for example. I had never planned on writing a spinoff of the series and then along came cousin Vincent Moreno in Making You Mine. He and Rosie hit it off and, next thing you know, I had another story coming fast and furiously. Same goes for all the others. I thought I was DONE with the Moreno Brothers then I got the idea for Forever Yours and now I have 2 novellas in the works and possibly more. When the story comes to me it just does and there is no silencing it until I write it out.

2. We understand you are promoting your new novel, Desert Heat. How is this different from your previous books?

It's a brand new series. Brand new family. Brand new place (Vegas) and a whole new dynamic. Muscle cars and bands. It's also my debut traditionally published book and the first that is available in stores.   

3. What is your writing process like?

I really don't have one. A story just comes to me and I start writing. I never outline. I write as the scenes play out in my head and sometimes the scenes play out while I'm writing and even I'm like What the? There are times when I'll be writing 2 or even three stories at a time because I hit a wall with one so I move on to the other.

Where do you start?
All over. I've been known to start in one place then suddenly that becomes the middle and I have to go back and write the back story rather than tell it. Sometimes I start at the climax in the prologue and then the first chapter goes back to when they first met like in Desert Heat and Making You Mine. It's always different. 

4. What personality features do you consider when writing lead female characters?

I like them to be strong but not too strong. I know most want the female lead to be strong and independent but sometimes it gets annoying when they're a little too headstrong. They come across as overly stubborn and unyielding.

What features do you consider for lead male characters?
PROTECTIVE! It's a must. They protect their loved ones fiercely! They are also very down to earth and likable even if they are rough around the edges. But I personally like to see male leads fall and fall hard. So when they love they love with everything they have. This goes both ways. I hate reading books where one seems to be more into the other. They have to be mutually head over heels for each other.  *sigh* I also personally don't care for "perfect" characters. So they have to always be slightly flawed because aren't we all? I think it's very unrealistic to have a character be perfect in every way.

5. As a romance author, what do you think is the key element for that “spark” between your characters?

Something's gotta click. They have to do something for one another that no one else has ever done. This is a tough one too because you can't have the same thing click in every story. I just think about ALL the couples I know and it's funny but there is always something very unique that each does for the other. Not everyone needs the same things either. So while tough to come up with a different thing it's also one of the parts I enjoy best about bringing characters together.

6. What do you do when writer's block hits you?

I start another story. LOL I mentioned this in one of the previous questions. Writing has become a bit of an addiction for me. If I planned on writing all day and I suddenly hit a wall I don't walk away I simply open another doc usually one I've already started and get that story going. Something usually comes to me eventually and I can get back to the other story.

7. We understand that you write for young adult as well. How do you reply to those that deem these books a tad too sexual for younger audiences?

I don't. To each his own. Just like parents parent differently and I'd never be one to tell anyone they were doing it wrong. It's the same thing with YA stories. Like a parent I believe in being realistic. I have a seventeen and a nineteen year old. They both have lots of friends and I have lots of nephews and nieces who are at that same age. I refuse to sugar coat or close my eyes and pretend that underage drinking and sex don't happen. Like when I talk to my kids openly and honestly, I'd rather write the truth and include real consequences. I'd prefer my kids read a book that says yes teens have sex but there is a responsible way to go about it and then the wrong way and see here? There are some major consequences both physically and emotionally. They can then decide if they are ready for it. Because at the end of the day they will be the ones who make the final decision. Not me.       

8.  What do you hope people to gain from your books?

A temporary escape from the real world. Maybe a smile or two, some laughs and even a heartfelt cry. So far my books have all had happy endings. So even if you cry a little I promise you'll go away feeling all warm and fuzzy in the far. ;) 

9. Do you feel your books are an inspiration to today’s Latina? If so, how?

I never came into this to inspire anyone. My reasons for writing is really quite selfish. It fulfills a need in me. A passion. I just love writing stories. It's my therapy. Even when things are falling apart around me I can sit and write and escape from everything in the world of my characters. But I have had many emails and messages who have been inspired by my writing. Not necessarily all Latina but just aspiring writers. So that's just been the icing for me. 

10. What’s your next project?

I have so many! I've already written the final story of my 5th Street series "Felix" and am SO excited about it. I should do the cover reveal sometime in late summer or early fall. I'm also working on two Moreno Brother's novellas. I also have Lorenzo and Sydney's stories brewing and then there is the next in my Desert Heat series. So much MUCH more to come and very excited about it! Stay tuned!  

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