Saturday, January 15, 2011

Book Review: Good-bye to All That

Good-bye to All That by Margo Candela

Raquel Azorian has worked her way from temp to executive assistant and is this close to a promotion to junior marketing exec at Belmore Corporation, the media behemoth she’s devoted herself to. She’s learned to play the Hollywood game—navigate office politics, schmooze the right people, avoid the wrong ones, and maintain a sense of decorum even in the craziest of times. All she needs is for her boss to sign her promotion memo. Instead of putting pen to paper, he suffers a very public meltdown that puts not only his professional future but also Raquel’s on the line.

Getting to the next rung on the Belmore ladder will require every ounce of focus, but that’s not going to be easy. Raquel’s mom has decided to leave her husband and move into Raquel’s apartment, and her older brother seems to be sinking deeper and deeper into depression. Raquel has to keep her job, stop her parents from divorcing, and save her brother. In the chaos of juggling so much, she finally reaches a breaking point: there’s just not enough time for everything or for everyone. She’s going to have to choose—success at work or happiness at home. But then a chance encounter at a bookstore cafĂ© leads Raquel to start planning her own Hollywood ending . . . on her own terms.

Reviewed by: Bela M.


Raquel is your hard-working girl climbing her way up the corporate ladder (or trying to, anyway). It's Girl vs. The Hollywood Machine.

This book embodies the classic style of Margo Candela, author of More than this. It has comical sass mixed in with profound philosophy on modern life. Even though this book started off a little slow for me, the story does not disappoint as you press on. The book picks up towards the middle when Raquel's mother suddenly moves in with her after a fight with her dad. Oy, living with your mother again. And, on top of that, her brother's marriage may be in trouble and suddenly she must fix it. Then things at work start heating up for Raquel when she begins a secret affair with a sexy co-worker.

Filled with witty comments and humorous dialogue. A nice, quick read that you can't wait to get through.

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