Saturday, October 16, 2010


To kick things off, we are giving away "Mexican Enough" by Stephanie Elizondo Griest.

This giveaway will end on Oct. 31 2010

About the book:
Stephanie Griest, whose mother is a third-generation Mexican-American, made a conscious choice to be white like her dad one day in elementary school and, initially, finds her Hispanic identity when a guidance counselor advises that given her SAT scores, otherwise closed doors would swing open (she graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Texas in 1997). The realization that nearly every accolade I have received in life... has been at least partially due to [this] genetic link inspires her journey to Mexico to learn Spanish and to gain a deeper understanding of [her] cultural heritage. Roughly from January to June 2005, she lives in Querétaro (north of Mexico City), coincidentally with a bunch of gay men. Aside from learning about the gay scene, the art scene and Mexico's unique wrestlers, the timing of her trip places her there when the gay activist Octavio Acuña is murdered. In July, she goes to Chiapas (Mexico's southernmost state), Zapatista territory, and devotes the second half of her book largely to documenting a burgeoning social movement that shook parts of the nation to the core. Patches are interesting, but Griest is not compelling or profound about the harassment and violence suffered by homosexuals, for instance, nor seriously affecting about her personal dilemma, being biracial.

The winner will be chosen on a point scale that you must earn by doing any of the following:

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A winner will be announced on Oct. 31 2010

Buena Suerte!


  1. Time's running out! Sign up, people.

  2. I love the art work Sandra!! Maybe next summer you can give a Barrio Writers workshop about graphic art!!! Yay!

  3. Sure, Sarah! Just name the time and the place.

  4. Mexican Enough appears to be a wonderful read with an in-depth description of what it means to truly be Latina and find one's identity. I definitely look forward to reading it.