Sunday, October 24, 2010

Book Review: Cinderella Lopez

This week, we have reviewed Cinderella Lopez by Berta Platas

Overworked, underappreciated 24-year-old Cynthia Lopez meets her Prince Charming at a Starbucks, unaware that he is Eric Sandoval, 29-year-old CEO of AmerCon—the company that just acquired RTV, the television station where Cyn and her glam-fabulous VJ stepsisters work. Keeping their professional lives secret, Cyn and Eric begin a joyful courtship that comes to an abrupt halt at the RTV Music Awards, when dating and workplace politics, miscommunication and the jealous, meddling steps conspire to tear them apart. Platas imbues her story with Latin spice and a dance hall pace, and populates her New York with vibrant, virtuous heroes and deliciously wicked villains. The result is another finely tuned if formulaic brain vacation for working chicas of all stripes.

Reviewed by: Bela M.

Review: Cinderella Lopez is a heartwarming story of love at first sight.
I liked that this story incorporated some of the details from the Disney classic. I liked that Platas resurrected a classic fairy tale story and added her own Spanish flavor and comedy spice. My favorite scene was when Cyn first takes a walk with Eric to the park. They are sitting on the ground, and Cyn tags Eric and he begins chasing her all over the place. They were just like two kids playing--fun and innocent. And I think that's an intregal part of love--to have that connection and to never stop having fun.
The only thing that was missing was the glass slipper scene. I mean, there was the handsome prince, Eric, the evil stepsisters, and the fairy godmother, who was disguised as two gay men. But where was the glass slipper? That's my favorite part in Cinderella (the movie.) But, overall, it was good.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog Chica Latina. This book selection looks fun, and no I have not read any romance fairy tales.

    I have to agree, what is cinderella without some"form" of a glass slipper!! The nerve. :-)

    Love your blog design. It so vibrant and hip.