Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Review: THINGS LATINOS LOVE OR HATE by Lilliana Rios

Latinos are extremely passionate souls who can love something as much as they can hate it. This book will give you a glimpse of the Latino culture with descriptions of the things they favor or abhor. Do they believe in superstitions? Which foods they love to eat? What are their likes and dislikes? The author will take you through an amusing journey as she shares her personal funny experiences and how they relate to her Latin roots.

Reviewed by: Celia
Rating: 3 stars

Review:  Why do Latinas tuck money in their bras?

“Too many pillos and bandits around in downtown and we’re tired of people stealing our wallets so we put the money inside our bras. It’s safe there. Trust us. You try to steal our plata, you may be more successful at snatching one breast before we let you take our money.” (15)

“We find all things costly! If it’s not practically free, it’s too pricey. The dilemma here is that good deals aren’t good enough for us.” (16) Too true!

“No, we did not burst out of our mother’s vagina with Salsa shoes on.” (122) =D

“If I had a dollar for every time my mom asks me for grandchildren, I’d be richer than Bill Gates.” (129)

And what’s with our fascination with Walter Mercado and Sábado Gigante?

Like the title suggests, this is a book of what Latinos love and hate. Rather than being a stereotypical account of la raza (in fact, there’s a whole section on stereotypes,) this book is more endearing as Rios adds her own humorous flare and sass. The best thing about these observations was the personal anecdotes provided by the author. For example, in LATINOS LOVE PIERCING EARS, the author recounts how, at 5-years old, her abuela pierced her ear with a hot needle and a cork and how she repeatedly stabbed her as if she were auditioning for Psycho. Ouch!

Latinas will be especially proud of the author’s stats and analysis in regards to Latinas helping the economy. It’s true: Latinos are hard workers. And, yes, Latinos LOVE overfeeding you! People will also be entertained by the frightening myths of La Llorana and el cuco.

Of course, at times, some of the attributes were contradicting. For example, she goes on saying that Latinos love spending money, but then she goes on to say that Latinos love being thrifty. How can that be? A thrifty person doesn’t like to spend money. 

Readers will enjoy the candid and witty repartee from the author and will be able to relate. Of course, you won’t find every, little tid-bit fascinating. In fact, some of it is just pure fluffery. Still, I’d say this was an insightful and comical overview of what makes Latinos tick. 

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