Friday, February 5, 2016

Review: INTERCEPTED by J.Q. Anderson

Meet Jake and Natalia.
Jake was once a water polo Olympic Gold Medal Winner.
Now he is an Escort. The lucky few women he selects as clients pay small fortunes for a weekend with Jake.
Natalia just graduated from culinary school in Buenos Aires. She works the ski season in Aspen. She needs the money.
The moment they meet a sudden attraction grips them.
It can’t be: She’s engaged. He’s a hooker.
A story about passion, deception and what lies hidden in the darkest corners of love.

Reviewed by: Celia
Rating: 3.5 stars

Review: This is the love story of Natalia and Jake. Natalia is a hotel clerk and Jake is a hotel guest. The two obviously should not mix business with pleasure. But then….what if you did?

Told in the POV of the two main characters, the story takes the reader on an awkward ride through the icy slopes of a slippery and endearing love. In the beginning, each grapples with its own drama as well as the underlying and intense attraction. It’s like we’re reading their diaries, diaries filled with hopes, fears, and dreams.

It takes a while before you can really get into the story, but you’ll feel the instant connection between the two characters.  A good portion of the book mainly consists of the two pining for each other. That’s probably because she is engaged and he is a…..well, a hooker. So there’s another complication.

Story is well-written for the most part. I especially enjoyed the candid thoughts of the two as it relayed to the growing attraction (Natalia was shy and reserved while Jake was more direct and confident – well, he would have to be for his “occupation”) Certain areas lagged a bit too much with superfluous scenes as well as endless assortments of looks, touches, and flirting. After a while, this gets a little weary. Of course, I was pleased with the unexpected twists and turns that came about.

Overall, this was a sweet and interesting romance. A one-of-a-kind.  It’s Pretty Woman in reverse.

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