Thursday, May 21, 2015

Review: DUE DILIGENCE by Owen Parr

Based on true events.
This fictional novel will leave you wondering.
DUE DILIGENCE is a fast paced romantic thriller. It will take you on a journey full of intrigue, double crosses, corporate takeovers, money laundering, assassinations and a sinful love affair. Let your imagination wander as you witness the Cuban government's attempt to launder their illicit gains of over forty years utilizing our own Wall Street.
Owen has written a unique fictional novel, incorporating his over 27 years with Wall Street companies. Born in Havana, Cuba and later growing up in Miami during the drug-war years, he has woven a tale that will leave you breathless. His creativity and first hand experiences make this a fast paced riveting suspense-filled thriller.
You'll ask: could this really happen?

Reviewed by: Malin
Rating: 2 stars

Review: This is the story of Alex and Julia, two Cubans that happen to cross paths in Paris; however, this is not your typical love story. Set against the backdrop of Cuba's social politics and vibrant landscapes, Due Diligence is a tale of corruption and power. Through the eyes of Fidel Castro, a crucial character in the plot, readers are introduced to an enriching history of Cuba and a ploy to commandeer a government.

It would seem that there is conspiracy lurking in the shadows, and somehow Alex and Julia are tossed in the mix. Alex is this hard-core, CIA militant with a boxer's build and Julia is a descendant of the 1st president of Cuba. Although they are two vital pieces in this convoluted chess match, they somehow created a sparkling chemistry, adding a strong romantic element to this covert thriller.

For the most part, this was a well-written and exquisitely crafted story, but, personally, I'm not big on politics, so some of the details were a bit daunting and complex. I find that this would be better suited for those who are into army-style and political co-ops.  

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