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Chunky is a 10-year-old boy who finds out that he is in danger of becoming obese. With his vivid imagination he confuses what was discussed during his doctor visit and believes he will soon transform into an “O-BEAST.” Can Chunky make sense of it all and stop the O-Beast from taking over?


Joseph Vivens is the author and creator of Chunky and Friends.  Born in Port-au-Prince , Haiti and raised in the Washington, DC area.  Joseph has been writing for over 20 years but In 2008, he had an enlightening conversation with his wife about the state of children’s health.  Driven by the desire to start a business that would make a difference, he decided to become a published author and create characters that would inspire children to make healthier choices and develop self-confidence.  Subsequently he released the children’s book Chunky and Friends: Chunky and the O-Beast in 2013 and the coloring/activity book Defeat The O-Beast in 2014.  Joseph conducts live interactive book readings & healthy writing workshops for children ages 4-16.  He lives in Baltimore, MD with his wife and son.


Jose Dominguez was born in El Salvador and has been drawing and Illustrating since 5 years of age.  He’s been with the Chunky and Friends Team since 2009 and this book series is his first illustrated comic.  Jose is most motivated as the Chunky and Friends illustrator by the book series remaining non-judgmental.  He explains that many heavy set characters in entertainment tend to be clumsy, foolish and never really get that moment to shine or show their greatness. In contrast, Chunky is the character that does shine and show his greatness through his intelligence, imagination, hard work and resolve.  Jose currently lives in Frederick, Maryland with his wife and two sons.

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