Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review: Hasta La Vista, Baby

Hasta La Vista, Baby by Donna Del Oro


"I thought it was great. I mean, I was hooked from the very first page because of all the wit and humor. I found myself laughing a few times ...and that was only the first three chapters!" ---Sandra Lopez, author of ESPERANZA and BEYOND THE GARDENS

"A fun romp to read! Hasta La Vista, Baby is a deft mix of humor and raw emotion with unforgettable characters. Donna Del Oro is an author to watch!" -- Loucinda McGary, award-winning author of THE WILD SIGHT and THE TREASURES OF VENICE.

HASTA LA VISTA, BABY is a romantic comedy set in Silicon Valley. Sonya, the artist, is blind to everything but beauty. She learns the hard way that it's never too late to wake up, wise up and grow up! Muralist Sonya Reyes Barton experiences an emotional meltdown when her handsome, cheating husband, Earl, announces at a family BBQ that he needs a divorce so he can marry his pregnant girlfriend. In front of all the Bartons, Sonya has a nervous breakdown, chases Earl with a barbecue fork, eventually winds down and collapses. How does the worst day of Sonya's life eventually become the best thing that ever happens to her? How does she gain insight into herself and her choice of men? More importantly, how does Sonya learn to forgive herself and move on? There's still life after forty-two and she's determined to find it

Reviewed by: Bela M.

Rating: Review: One of the funniest things in this story is at the very beginning when Sonya has just found out that her husband of many years is dumping her for his pregnant girlfriend. Sonya absolutely goes berserk and starts chasing him around the pool with a BBQ fork. I laughed so hard at that.

For like the next year or so, we follow Sonya's journey in life as she struggles with this loss and sudden change to her existence. She visits every single stage in the mourning process: hate, anger, denial, pity, and finally, acceptance. Eventually, she comes to realize that she must accept the reality and move on.

Although, how can you really be that heartbroken over a guy named Earl? Really, Earl? He was described as a blond surfer dude, but how many blond surfers are named Earl? Surfers are named Zack or Shawn or some other cooler name; not Earl.

Also, how can you begin a dating relationship with your brother-in-law? That's what Sonya eventually does in the story. She ends starting something with her ex-husband's brother, Scott. Really, how weird is that?

For me, personally, it was kind of hard to relate to Sonya's story because I've never been married, but it was definitely a well-written account of marital woes for those who have been there or are going through it. I think OPERATION FAMILIA was actually the author's best novel because it had it all--drama, suspense, romance, and humor! This was just an okay book.

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